Born to shake the status quo

Hello and welcome,

I’m Tania, founder of Lashes of change and It’s a great privilege to share this journey with you. 

It all started about 7 years ago when I raced into DJ’s department store in the city for 5 brief minutes to re purchase my mascara.  You know – the one that I had been loyal to for over 22 years.

I had never cheated…. Never strayed. 

I simply LOVED everything about it. The colour & brush combination was perfect for me. 

I raced up to the counter as I didn’t have much time. You know the routine, kids and work were demanding every minute of my day….. only to find my favourite mascara of 22 years had been discontinued and I was devastated. Can you see the tears forming and feel the fear that raced through me?

You see, I couldn’t find a perfect replacement. Anywhere. And I mean anywhere!  All due to the fact that I was using an unusual colour that was really hard to find; and I didn't want to change - I mean why should I?

I wasted so much time and money looking for my new perfect mascara and was constantly disappointed. I was frustrated and to be honest, I was mildly angry too.

I mean who has hours of free time to go hunting for new mascara every time the one we love disappears off the shelves? Not to mention the cost, inconvenience, frustration and landfill waste....

Do you relate?

Be the change you want to see

So it got me thinking… why isn’t mascara customisable? Why can’t we choose the brush we want with the colour we want and get it sent directly to our door?  Isn’t this the way of the world these days…

After a bit of research, I quickly came to the conclusion that this simply didn’t exist; well not for mascara.

Never being one to sit back and wait for someone else to solve my problems I decided to give it a go myself – really how HARD could it be? It was just mascara!! Oh boy… and the journey began 😉

Turn up the volume

Once I started, I discovered there were 3 really important elements that create a perfect mascara – however the most important one in my humble opinion is getting the right brush for your eyes and lashes!

So just to clarify…. one size does not fit all. How could it?

We are all so uniquely different.  This is what makes us beautiful and special – our diversity.

I wanted a mascara where I would be able to love the brush, colour, and formula – I didn’t think that was asking too much and as it turns out, and along the way I discovered YOU want more too.

So I started to ask the question, How far can we push the boundaries? Just how much change and disruption can we integrate into this design?

And so this incredible journey began….

The result? 

I’m so excited to introduce you to the very first interchangeable mascara brush experience that allows you to choose the brush you LOVE or TRY different brushes without having to purchase and waste multiple mascaras in the process.  We have combined this with Australia’s first refillable cartridge system. Simply order a refill and keep 90% of your packaging! Significantly reducing your impact on the environment.

I want everyone to be able to choose a perfect brush, perfect colour and have it delivered to their door.

Being able to pair a beautiful creamy vegan formula with the right brush and the right lashes = perfection.

I hope that you will come on this wild ride with me and share where you want to see change.

Customise don’t compromise  

First, I need to change the “I” to “WE” – I need to grow a tribe of passionate, empowered, mascara lovers who know what they want, and demand the best. No more compromising.

We want to encourage loving ourselves, creating internal confidence so we can give the greatest gift of kindness towards others, our planet, and our animals.

In the meantime, we will have some fun, make better choices, and give to others to create a lasting impact for future generations via our Lashes of Love Foundation.

A huge shout out and THANK YOU to all who have supported me to get to the starting line.

I hope you love this new way of experiencing mascara. 

Our formulas are vegan, clean and cruelty free – no exception. Your eyes will LOVE it and so will the planet 😉

So till next time – go be awesome and sprinkle your sunshine!

Tania xx



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